I'm back!

Well, I've been back for about a week and it has taken me a while to sit and write. We've had Brittany C. here and have been busy taking her around to see the sites. It has been a blast. We spent a day in D.C. and we also went hiking at Morgan Run. I always feel so free-spirited when I get to go hiking. That feeling was all lost however when I almost stepped on a snake in the water. It was quite scary.

Today after church, we picked berries on our church property. The blackberries and raspberries are ripe now. After our snake incident at Morgan Run, we decided to pick berries from the Jeep so we could get away if a we were to see one. I would drive up to a bush and Brittany would hang out of the window and pick. It was quite funny.

As for our trip, we had a great time in N.Africa. We did some prayer walking and also taught English. On one of the days, I talked about American Celebrations including Christmas and Easter. As I talked about our the religious significance of these holidays, the room was very quiet and you could tell it was the first time they ever had heard these stories. It was amazing. Relationships were formed during the week and email addresses were exchanged. I pray this will result in more correspondence and will lead to spiritual discussions.

There were a few mishaps on the trip.

1. Most of us came home with some kind of stomach bug.

2. I was followed to my hotel by this man who said some not so nice things. I think he must have learned his English by watching porn. Who knew that overweight, 30-year old American women were hot?

3. A full suitcase fell on my big toe. When we got home, I dropped my empty suitcase on it. Then, a little girl stepped on it at church. Jason stepped on it tonight. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my toenail. Now, for you guys that is probably no big deal. However, girls you know how important cute toenails are during the Summer.


Shelly said...

Hey, Rach. Glad your home, sorry about he toe.

brittany said...

Hey Rachel! I just wanted to say how much fun I had with you and Jason while I was with you guys for like 2 and a half weeks! Thanks for all of the good times and letting me experience Morgan Run with you. I love you!