10 Things About My Parents' House

I love hangin' out at my parents' house. Here is a list of the things I enjoy.

1. Their kitchen always has about 4 things being cooked at a time.

2. My mom always has fresh flowers from her garden in a vase.

3. Fox News is on 24 hours a day.

4. Their garden is full of plants and flowers.

5. My mom has a mountain of projects in her sewing room.

6. Her fabric is sorted by color--even the scraps.

7. Their washing machine holds a lot of clothes.

8. There are enough books in her house to start a library.

9. Their garage has enough food to last until 2010.

10. There is a cabinet in the garage with all the soda one could want.


Susie Moore said...

Wow... wish I was there!

Jessica said...

You didn't sleep all day!

Todd Wright said...


mimi said...

Com'on Susie!

I must say that when Rachel took a photo of my kitchen, saying she was going to blog about it, all my insecurities floated to the top of my brain. I wondered by she would want to show the world my kitchen chaos.

About 4 things, being cooked at once--I find it boring to go to the kitchen and cook one thing. This is something that cropped up after I finished my MA. The other seeming side effect is that I can't listen to a sermon without writing.

Ana Schaetzle said...

It all sounds wonderful, Rachel!! That made me think about my parent's house, I miss them. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay at your parent's house. I'm sure they were also thrilled to have you and Jason there. Matthew, Julia and I are in Irvine, CA right now, at the Concordia University, attending the Exodus Conference. It was Julia's first flight and she did great. She cried a bit during our landing, I don't know if it was the pressure or if she was simply bored... after 5 hours. It's also my first time in California and I'll go out tomorrow with a friend to get to know some places, I'm looking forward to that; California seems to be a beautiful place. Love to you and Jason! Miss you guys.