On the stage of LifePoint

I just wanted to let you guys know that the "Susie Moore Dance" is still alive and well. I've seen it performed by Lance Burch multiple times at LifePoint over the last 2 years. Just this Friday night, Lance brought the dance to the LifePoint stage once again while singing to the tune: Cobacabana. It was an amazing show. It made many laugh and some cry. Kudos to Susie for such a great dance and the impact it is having on others. You rock Susie Moore.


Susie Moore said...

Wow. Well I am honored that my humble little dance could be shared with the great people of Maryland. I have seen Lance shake what his momma gave him and it is impressive indeed so I am confident that he is giving it the justice it deserves.

Amy said...

Wow, it was really something to see those moves on the stage in front of a few hundred people. "The Susie Moore" lives on!

steph said...

what?? no video???

Amy said...

It was videoed, but I don't have a copy.

Jessica said...

dearest rachel,

fyi: this comment has nothing to do about your post.

1. you are a whole lot of awesome & i am super glad you are in my life.

2. i hope christmas coffees was a stellar time.

3. i work with Mauri, who is in one of your Spanish 3 classes. She descibed to me the "Death of English" party/thing you put on. and i was laughing so hard.
(which leads me to my next point)

4. your creative ways never cease to amaze me. i don't even have you and i know that you are a beyond fabulous teacher. i'm glad that someone out there knows how to instill the passion that is Spanish into high schoolers' heads.

5. uhm. i was not able to locate you on the Facebook.

6. why not just make this a full 10?

7. how are you? i miss you a whole lot.

8. i am 99% sure that you should be hooked up with the senior girls for this weekend180.

9. i hope lifegroups are going well forr you.

10. i love you, rachel fullen.

el fin.