It's snowing! I truly think snow is God's gift to me so I don't go crazy with the cold, dreary, wintry days. I really don't like cold weather, but when it snows I don't mind the low temperatures so much.

On snowdays I don't ever really get much accomplished. I find myself just sitting beside the window watching it. Sometimes I get up and think to myself, "I've got to get busy". However, if I do get up and go do something, I find that I just end up sitting in a different room staring out a different window.

Snowflakes are so amazing. When examined closely, they really do look like those paper cut-outs we used to make in school. And, no two are alike...so they say. Not really sure how that is proven, I'm sure glad that's not my job.


Kelsey said...

Haha, that's so true!

Snow days are great! We need a full snow day, what ya think?!

Jen said...

You should read the book "The Art of the Snowflake". Real pics of real snowflakes. Amazing!

jodie said...

Is there anything Jen doesn't know about? You are amazing!

mimi said...

I do the same thing when it is snowing. That must rise from the fact that I saw snow only two times in my first 20 years. If it snowed in Houston, it was a holiday.

Danielle said...

From all the looking at snow you do...maybe you would enjoy being the one to examine all the snowflakes Rach.