Summer Reading Recap

My 2008-2009 school year begins tomorrow. I'm actually not dreading this year as much as I have dreaded previous years because I really love the school where I teach and the faculty with whom I teach. (It always sounds really weird not ending a sentence with a preposition. It always sounds so formal.) Anyway....where was I AT? :)

Oh, yeah. I would like to recap my summer reading.

1. The Shack (I totally agree with this guy about this book. I had so many conflicting emotions throughout the book.)
2. Blue Like Jazz (I loved this book...every word)
3. Excerpts from The Gold Chord by Amy Carmichael (I've been reading this book for about a year. It is a great book, with amazing stories about her work in India.
4. Letters by a Modern Mystic... A challenging book about living with a constant, moment-by-moment, awareness of the presence of God.
5. Real Simple Magazine (May, June, and July 2008.....This is my favorite magazine!)
6. Runner's World Magazine (June, 2008... An inspiration to run further and faster)

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