I'm a Football Widow Again!

Well, It's that time of year. Every Sunday after church until late Monday night I don't see my husband. He is glued to the television watching football. I've tried to start watching it and get interested, but unless there is some drama or long standing conflict between the players, I can't focus. Also, I can't really stand all the noise associated with football. Sometimes I wonder if I would like it more if I couldn't hear the fans and if the announcers sounded more like sweet little old ladies instead of soldiers about to head into battle. I think all that noise makes me feel really nervous.


Kelsey said...

hahaha awww! I wish I was there to accompany you those Sundays! ..I love you!

Katie said...

And fantasy football is not helping matters either. (insert rolling eyes here)

One of these days all of us widows will have to get together and watch a girly movie or something.

Rachel said...

That would be lots of fun, Katie.

Sarah J. said...

I wish I got football at the house I live at, but we only get soccer and other shows in Spanish. I do have a friend who has cable with a sports channel in English. I watched the Superbowl there in Feb.
Football Rocks!!! The man I marry will be very lucky when It comes to Football.
Sarah J.

mimi said...

I'm with you on the noise.