I love my church

Tonight, I went out to eat with all the staff ladies. We had such a blast. It is so great doing ministry with people you like and with people that like you. There are so many times I want to pinch myself because it seems like a dream. Can a church staff really operate like this? When is the bombshell going to hit?

When Jason first went into the ministry, I had all these ideals of how closeI was going to be with other staff wives. I thought we would get together and share our troubles and triumphs. I thought we would get together and shop or have girl getaways. I was so disappointed for the first few years of our ministry becuase I was disallusioned. However, being at this church and working with these people has helped heal my cynical heart. None of us are perfect and the church still deals with typical church stuff, but we are all on the same page and are all headed in the same direction. We major on the big things and let the little things roll off our backs.

This is such a gift. I know there are few situations like this and I am very thankful for the opportunity to experience life and ministry like this.

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Robert said...

Rach, that church is super-blessed to have you both!