Super Suppers

I'm so exited about this place. There is a new one in Hanover, PA (30 min. from my house). I happened to go by there and see they were having their grandopening. I pulled in and they were giving away 1 free entree. I got Parmesean Crusted Talapia. Mmmmm!

Check it out ladies. It might be putting the end to the question, "What am I going to fix for dinner?"



Amy said...

Such a great idea. We should have thought of it! You know, there is one in Mt. Airy, as well. That's not far from me at all.

Mom of 6 said...

Hey Girls ! FYI there is one in Westminster in the shopping center behind Shoppers. They are having an open house the next few days......I need some blog help getting mine the rest of the way set up. If I bring my laptop to the retreat will ya'll help me????

Jessica said...

I didn't get an invite for dinner?