My Garden

Jason, my dad and I planted a garden in the spring and it is beginning to bear vegetables and fruit. I planted tomatoes, bell peppers (green and red), green onions, spaghetti squash, cucumber. Right now on the vines I probably have 20 spagetti squash, 10-15 cucumbers and lots of tomatoes. I'm hoping all will be ready to pick before I leave for camp and Texas. I'm wanting to do some canning so the vegetable won't ruin before I leave for my trips. It would be such a waste of all that work if I can't enjoy the fruits of it.


Amy said...

The garden looks beautiful. I hope those veggies will be ready to pick soon.

Jimmy Williams said...

Canned tomatoes are the best!

mimi said...

Are we going to get photos? Yes, Jimmy, they have more lycopene, because the cell walls have broken down.