Robert "tagged me." Since I've been away from the web, I've not had a chance to respond. I figured that the game might be over, so I'll just share about myself and not tag others.

1. My parents used to tell me not to stare at the sparks when we would see a welder, but I always looked.
2. I have a new found love for pudding. It is soooooo good.
3. I have one set of blonde eyelashes and another set of brown.
4. I love to cook recipes until I've perfected them. Once I've perfected it, I want a new challenge.
5. I'm not picky when it comes to music.
6. I enjoy watching those cheesy Disney Channel movies. I saw High School Musical the first time it was ever aired on Disney. I really enjoyed it, but was too embarrassed to say so. In fact, in the middle of the show, Jason came home. I began recording it and turned off the t.v. so he wouldn't see how cheesy of a show I was watching.
7. I need moments of silence and solitude to get recharged.


Susie Moore said...

I love pudding too!

Jennifer 2 Moldova said...

Hey, i jsut wanted to let you know that i'm not updating my jennifer2moldova blog anymore, becuase i forgot the password...so i made a new one... i'll hopefully update it as much as i can while i'm there (hopefully much more than the other blog ) www.jennconn2moldova.blogspot.com
I leave friday morn. for Europe!!! please keep us in your prayers..
In Christ,
jenn conn
p.s.-you were in my dream the other night!! :) It was me, you , and Dr.McDreamy...and something about building a house-yeah..it was really wierd..

mimi said...

What? No photo of the eyelashes?