We've been in Texas for the last couple of weeks and our trip is winding down. I'm so glad we had a chance to see family and friends. I feel like for the past week I've been sitting and talking either in a restaurant or in someone's house trying to catch up with others. Although I've enjoyed the fun conversation, I've gotten a bit tired of just sitting. Yesterday afternoon as I was putting some laundry in the machine, I looked around my mother in laws laundry room and decided it needed some organization. I began rearranging and tossing out unwanted items (with her permission, of course) and cleaned it out. Then, I decided that what it really needed a fresh coat of paint. After about $22.00 and lots of hours, her laundry room has been transformed. I went to bed at 4am and slept until noon.


mimi said...

You didn't get that get up and go from me. I would have thought about it for a couple of years! Good girl.

Amy said...

That is great. So, when you get back, let's finally paint your hallway and mine! And, my laundry room could use some paint too!