IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Last year Jason and I bought half of a cow and put in in the freezer (after processing, of course). The meat tastes really good. The only downfall is that the ground beef isn't really that lean. I always drain it and rinse it to get as much fat off of it as possible.

Tonight we are firing up the grill and cooking steaks and ribs. Mmmmmm! It's going to be so good.

Later tonight, Adam and Nicole Hunsicker are going to come over and teach us how to play Texas Hold'em. They couldn't believe we were from Texas and didn't know how to play.


julie_blauwkamp said...

I have visions of a half a cow carcass stuffed into your deep freezer- scary!

I would not publicize that bad texan trait of not knowing the official game of texas too broadly- it could make your state look bad as it did not do a good job in the upbringing and edumacashun of y'all peeps! we cain't have us southerniners luukin bad wen we don't hav ta ya no!

wez got us a gud edumacashun- didnt we?

Kelsey said...

How funny!! I love you guys! I hope you are enjoying yourselves!

Robert Conn said...

Jason playing Hold'Em? Does Trish know about this?

When you want to learn some 'real' poker games just let me know ok!

Anonymous said...

I didn't until now, Robert.

Robert Conn said...

VERY Funny! HA!