Road Names

Since moving to MD, I've seen some road names that have made me giggle inside.

1. Portia's Delight
2. Tracey's Store Rd.
3. Yeoho Rd.
4. Pretty Boy Dam Road (Sounds like someone tried to cuss and got it all out of order.)


Kathi said...

Those are great!

Here's another one for you:

We've always cracked up at "Marriottsville Road #2." I'm sure the road namer was thinking, "Shoot, I really wanted to name it Marriottsville Road, but that name is already taken, I've got it, how about Marriottsville Road #2!!!"

Kelsey said...

There's a "Shaw Drive" you know!!

Kelsey said...

It's actually off of Marriottsville Road #1

jodie said...

Schalk Rd #1
Young Man's Fancy Dr
Chicken Town Rd