First Day Back

Well, I'm back at school. I got my teaching assignment for this year. I'll be teaching four classes of Spanish and one class of Reading. My class sizes are really large which is a little overwhelming. In my Spanish classes I will have about 37 students in each class.

My goals for this next school year:

1. Remember to take my class to the Beginning of the Year assembly. (I forgot last year and my entire class walked in 3 minutes before it ended. As soon as my students sat down, the pricipal dismissed everyone.)

2. Wear mascara everyday. (Last year I forgot to wear it 2 or 3 times. I look scary without it since my eyelashes are blonde.)

3. Get my work done at school and not bring it home.

4. Wear the same shoes. (Last year I showed up with one blue and one black shoe on.)

5. Pack my lunch the night before. (This will help me not to run late in the mornings.)


mimi said...

I don't think you look scary. I like those eyelashes.

DaddyBert said...

good goals... and after you pack your lunch, put your keys with it, even in the Frig, and then you don't forget it.

Susie Moore said...

lol I like your goals.

Jonathan Martin said...

Let us know when you complete goal number 1...thats funny stuff.

Jessica said...

Bringing work home interferes with watching 24.

Danielle said...

good idea making a list