Four Days of Freedom

So I only have four days left until school starts. I am trying to have as much fun as possible between now and Monday. Today I went Letterboxing and hiking with the Burch girls. We went to Cunningham Falls. The hike was only about a mile, but once we got to the falls, we climbed up to the top of the falls. It was quite fun. Part of the way up you had to be on all fours. Chloe said that she was "doing climbing practice." On the way down we saw two deer. It was a beautiful day to explore.

Tomorrow I hope to go swimming. I have a friend who is house sitting so I am going to try and take advantage of the situation. You know how I love a good pool.

Friday, I am going to PA with a friend from work. She is going to take me to the farm where she grew up and also her neighbor's house who is Amish. It should all be interesting.

Saturday I am going to hang out with Hannah and Rachel and watch "Anne of Green Gables". We are going to order pizza and eat popcorn. :)

Sunday, I am going to hear the greatest preacher on the East Coast, my husband. He is preaching for the first time in the adult service here at our new church. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. His sermon title is "Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee."


DaddyBert said...

Sounds great to me! Hey, in some of your excursions, y'all need to drive out to Luray Cavern. It is out at Luray, VA. Jessica and I went there because one of my lumber guys told me about it. pretty incredible.

mimi said...

I hope you come home with some quilting news from the Amish country.

Todd Wright said...

Listen...I hate to say this, but, am I the only one who thinks Jason is, like, the worst preacher in the world?